Blind Loves: Love Among Blind People

Juraj Lehotský’s  “Blind Loves” is a film about the various forms of love between blind people.  The film depicts four blind people, through whom we get to know the stories of their loves.

Blind teacher Peter, blessed with a unique imagination, likes to listen to adventurous radio plays, where he can submerge into a fairy tale world. He lives together with his wife in a nice relationship behind the walls of a small department, where their story is set.

Blind Roma Miro falls in love with an almost blind white girl. His story is a story of troublesome fight for love.  The story of blind Elena, who desires to have a child, lets us in the emotional world of a mother to be. We share her excitement and her fears but most of all her great desire to bear a child and raise it. The time of awaiting is full of joy and new questions and full of delicate situations.  In search of her first love, the fourth blind is teenager Zuzana, who finds it on the internet, where she can hide her secret.

Life of blind people drew the director’s attention as a subject with the potnetil of offering insights into the mystery of life. The fact that someone is born to “darkness” calls for questions about the ways these people live. One of the most important ones deals with the source of their happiness.  While their world might be lacking sight, it can be richer in spirituality on the other hand. And maybe it´s them who really understand the true essence of happiness.

To find one’s place in this world is not an easy thing to do for people with good sight, but it’s much more difficult for somebody who is blind. The “view” of blind persons is often pure and essential, and very often witty, uncovering new dimensions of meaning of happiness.

Juraj Lehotský was born on September 19, 1975 in Bratislava. Between 1990 and 1994 studied at the Higher Art and Crafts School in Bratislava (SUPŠ), specialized in photography. Between 1995 and 2000 studied documentary film directing at the Academy of Music Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU). He is working as documentary film director, director of music videos, advertising spots and spots for charity director.