Blast Beat: Esteban Arango’s Coming of Age Tale (Sundance Fest 2020)

Dramatic Competition: 16 Features

Blast Beat, Esteban Arango

Set in 2000, Blast Beat is a rather familiar and conventional coming-of-age drama with some comedy about two brothers.

Carly is a tough 17-year-old dude who’s passionate about metal music; it’s his escape, his ritual, and his definition.

His 15-year-old rival brother, Mateo, is more of a free spirited, sensitive, and artistic soul.

The brothers and their family are Colombian undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for only a year and are in the middle of a difficult and painful cultural transition.

Nelly, The boys’ mother, is having an affair with a man from their church.

Their role-model father Ernesto is suddenly picked up by the Immigration Police and is about to get deported!

When the news of the deportation hits Mateo, he tries to carry out a crazy plan that would reunite him with his father.

Though the brothers are rivals, Carly sets out to protect Mateo from his own madness and save the future of the family.

Release date: Jan 26, 2020
Director: Esteban Arango
Costume designer: Camilla Saldarriaga
Music by: David Murillo R.
Story by: Erick Castrillon and Esteban Arango
Screenwriters: Erick Castrillon and Esteban Arango

Blast Beat competed in the 2020 Sundance Dramatic Competition with:

Charm City Kings (Twelve, original title), Angel Manuel Soto

Dinner in America, Adam Rehmeier

Farewell Amor, Ekwa Msangi

Minari, Lee Isaac Chung

Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Eliza Hittman

Nine Days, Edson Oda

Palm Springs, Max Barbakow

Save Yourselves! Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson

Shirley, Josephine Decker

The 40-Year-Old Version, Radha Blank

The Evening Hour, Braden King

Wander Darkly, Tara Miele

Zola, Janicza Bravo



Jury Prize Winner: Minari, Lee Isaac Chung