Black and White: James Toback Disappointing Film

Black and White is James Toback’s look at the young and vibrant interracial hip-hop scene in New York City.

It was financed by Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures and will be released by Sony’s Screen Gems.

The film can’t overcome its outsider’s perspective, namely, that it examines black culture from the POV of white youngsters, who are intrigued and fascinated by black music, fashion, and fads.


 Distributor:   Sony Screen Gems

 Director :     James Toback

 Producers:     Michael Mailer, Daniel Bigel, Ron Rotholz, (exec) Edward R. Pressman, Mark Burg, Oren Koules, Hooman Majd

 Script:   James Toback

 Camera:   David Ferrara

 Editing:  Myron Kerstein

 Design:   Anne Ross

 Costume:  Jacki Roach

 Music:    (original) American Cream Team; Oliver “Power” Grant

 Running Time:  98 minutes



Scotty (Scott Caan)

Terry (Robert Downey Jr)

Sheila King (Stacy Edwards)

Dean (Allan Houston)

Raven (Gaby Hoffman)