Bisbee ’17 (2018): Robert Greene’s Docu of Miners Forceful Deportation

During the summer of 1917, a group of about 1,300 striking laborers in the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona were taken by the local sheriff and his honchos and forced into boxcars heading to New Mexico. where they were left with no food or water.

It was a brutal act, driven by corporate greed, racism and xenophobia; the workers were non-Americans ( Germans and Mexicans). Bisbee is a small town a few miles from the Mexico border.

While visiting relatives in Bisbee, Robert Greene developed interest in the Bisbee Deportation. In 2016, he began to collaborate with local historians, civic leaders and Bisbee citizens to create a performance piece that would be performed and filmed during the centennial of the event.

“Bisbee ’17″ is nonfiction feature as a performative collective act, as well as a provocative inquiry into how memory and shape our official collective history.