Billy Jack Goes to Washington: Fourth Chapter of Series

Packaged in a five-disc set, the “Billy Jack 35th Anniversary Ultimate Collection” presents all four Billy Jack movies, as well as a fifth bonus disc.

In 1969, husband and wife team Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor made “Born Losers,” a biker action flick that introduced the character of Billy Jack.  Modestly released by American International, it was followed by a more ambitious film, “Billy Jack,” in 1971, which became a sleeper hit, grossing $35 million at the box office.

Billy Jack Goes to Washington

Going straight to video, the fourth chapter of the series, “Billy Jack Goes to Washington” is a wannabe political thriller. With a shameless nod to Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” Billy Jack is brought into the Senate to help strengthen Indian relationship and to express his views of building a nuclear power plant.