Beyond Tomorrow (1940): Fantasy Christmas Movie, Featuring Charles Winninger, Maria Ouspenskaya and Others

Produced by cinematographer Lee Garmes and directed by A. Edward Sutherland, Beyond Tomorrow (aka And So Goodbye or Beyond Christmas) is a B-level fantasy, which has gained in stature and popularity over the years due to its Christmas setting.

Lacking stars, the film relies on lesser lead actors, such as Richard Carlson and Jean Parker, and mostly on a quartet of veteran character actors, Charles Winninger, Maria Ouspenskaya, C. Aubrey Smith, and Harry Carey.

Rod La Roque, a leading man of the silent era, plays a minor supporting role.

All seven actors received a “featuring” billing below the title.

It is a  little-remembered Christmas movie that’s been shown every year on TCM.

The original print has been digitally remastered and preserved by the National Film Museum, Incorporated.