Beethoven’s 2ND (1993): Sequel, Less Charming, of Dog’s Tale

The titular hero St. Bernard finds his big love in “Beethoven 2nd,” the less original and less charming sequel to the box-office hit, “Beethoven.”

Beethoven meets his soul mate Missy, another St. Bernard, in the park and the two fall for each other right away. But Missy is held captive by Regina (Debi Mazar, underused), a spiteful femme trying to leverage get easy ransom money from her wimpy former husband.


Fortunately for the dogs, their visit was long enough for Missy to have a litter of pups. At first, Regina decides to drown the pups, but she has a change of heart when she learns of their market value.


Later, the Newton children (Christopher Castile and Sara Rose Karr) rescue them, and the entire family heads off for a Montana resort with Beethoven and his pups.


Regina and her sleazy lover (Christopher Penn) go to the resort for the final showdown.


The movie appealed largely to very young kids and  hardcore dog lovers.


Oscar Nominations: 1

Song: The Day I Fall in Love,” music and lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager, James Ingram, and Clif Magness




Oscar Awards: None




Oscar Context:




The winner of Best Song was Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia,” from Jonathan Demme’s AIDS drama, “Philadelphia.”








Rating: PG.


Running time: 89 Minutes.


Directed by Rod Daniel and Dan Goldberg.


Released: June 1, 1994.


DVD: July 21, 1998




Charles Grodin as George Newton


Bonnie Hunt as Alice Newton


Nicholle Tom as Ryce Newton


Christopher J. Castile as Ted Newton


Sarah Rose Karr (II) as Emily Newton


Debi Mazar as Regina


Christopher Penn as Floyd


Ashley Hamilton as Taylor


Jordan Bond as Newspaper Boy


Virginia Capers as Chemistry Teacher


Maury Chaykin as Cliff Klamath


Jeff Corey as Janitor