Batman v Superman: Wonder Woman, Played by Israeli Actress Gal Gadot

batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice_2_affleckDecades after Wonder Woman’s creation, Israeli actress Gal Gadot brings the iconic superhero to the big screen for the first time in Warner’s Batman v Superman.

The arrival of Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince) might be the film’s biggest moment. Gadot’s entrance as the sword-wielding DC warrior received the night’s loudest cheers.  According to a Fandango survey, most ticket buyers said Wonder Woman’s debut was the biggest draw.

The film’s producer Deborah Snyder told Hollywood Reporter that she felt personal responsibility to get the character right. “She’s such a symbol of women’s roles,” she said. “In every decade she’s existed, she has reflected women of the times. I think it’s only fitting that now, especially with a lot of talk about gender equality, that she really has her rightful place on the silver screen.”

As the Zack Snyder-helmed film hits theaters in the U.S., here is some info about the Israeli actress behind the indestructible shield.

Big Break

The 5’10” model-turned-actress landed her first role in a studio tentpole with Universal’s Fast & Furious and followed that up with three more installments of the action franchise.

Real-Life Warrior

Unlike most actresses, Gadot’s background includes military training. She served for two years as an enlisted soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, where she learned to use weapons.

Mom Too

Gadot and husband Yaron Varsano, who live in Tel-Aviv, have a 4-year-old girl, Alma.

Busy Schedule:

Gadot is getting her own spinoff with Wonder Woman, which began shooting in November. Warner has dated the Patty Jenkins-helmed film for June 23, 2017.

Next month, she will head to London to begin filming The Justice League Part One, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

She’s also on board for The Justice League Part Two, slated for June 14, 2019, and will star opposite Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher in the suburban espionage comedy, Keeping Up With the Joneses.