Audition: Scorsese’s Commercial Short, Starring De Niro, DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt

the_audition_4_dicaprio_deniro_scorseseLeonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro team up with Martin Scorsese for a 16 minute short film, The Audition, which will world-premiere at the 2015 Venice Film Fest, Sep 2-12.


In the trailer, the two movie stars are vying for a role in the director’s latest film.  DiCaprio and DeNiro run into each other at a posh casino, where they realize that they both want the same role in a new Scorsese feature. “It’s more like you’re vying for the same part,” the director informs the duo.

the_audition_3_pitt_scorsese“May the best man win,” De Niro tells his DiCaprio. “You know, I don’t even want to say it like that. May the best person for the part be the person who’s in the part.”

This is the first time that the movie stars have appeared together since This Boy’s Life in 1993  and Marvin’s Room in 1996, before DiCaprio became a major star (Titanic, 1997)

the_audition_2_dicaprio_deniro_scorseseScorsese has worked with both actors before: He’s collaborated with De Niro on seven films, and DiCaprio on five.  But Brad Pitt has never worked with the Oscar-winning director. At the end of the trailer, as DiCaprio and DeNiro hope to win over Scorsese, the director is shown eyeing a photo of the Oscar-nominated star in Moneyball.

The Audition is actually a commercial for two Asian mega-casinos: Studio City in Macau, China, and City of Dreams in Manila, Philippines.

the_audition_1_dicaprio_deniro_scorseseScripted by The Wolf of Wall Street Oscar-nominated writer Terence Winter, the short film will be first time the three movie stars will have starred in a film together.