Astral (2018): Chris Mul’s Directing Debut, Starring Frank Dillane

Chris Mul makes a directing debut in Astral, co-written by him and Michael Mul, and starring Frank Dillane (“Fear the Walking Dead”).
In dealing with his mother’s untimely death, Alex (Dillane) turns to a spiritual contact after relationship with his father breaks down. As a student of metaphysics, Alex learns of the “scientific” premise of astral projection, the ability to project your spirit into an unseen spatial dimension.
In the process, Alex becomes plagued by shadow spirits–malevolent entities vying to enter his body to access our world. Alex soon learns that he is not the only family member to have been besieged by such beings, as he reveals his mother’s dark past.
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Release date: November 23, 2018.