Arsene Lupin (1932): Conway’s Pre-Code Crime Mystery, Starring Brorhers John and Lionel Barrymore

Jack Conway directed Arsene Lupin, an MGM Pre-Code mystery drama, starring the two real-life siblings, John and Lionel Barrymore.

The screenplay, by Bayard Veiller, Leonore J. Coffee, Carey Wilson, and Anthony Veiller, is based on the popular 1909 play by Maurice Leblanc and Francis de Croisset.

In his first MGM film after leaving Warner, John Barrymore plays the Duke of Charmerace, a burglar, and Lionel Barrymore is Detective Guerchard, determined to track him down.

The Detective doesn’t know that the suave Duke of Charmerace is actually the man behind the robberies. Will Guerchard find out the thief’s true identity before he can execute a daring theft from the Louvre Museum?

Duke’s love interest Sonia is played by Karen Morley.

Running time: 84 minutes

Release date: March 5, 1932

Commercial Appeal:

The film grossed a total (domestic and foreign) of $1,110,000: $595,000 from the US and Canada and $515,000 elsewhere, thus making a profit of $245,000.

End Note:

I am grateful to TCM for showing the movie on January 17, 2019.