Arizona Bound (1927): Western Starring Gary Cooper

In one of his first pictures, the silent Western Arizona Bound, the handsome Gary Cooper plays a rambling young cowboy, who stumbles into a small Western town the day a big gold shipment is about to be transported by stagecoach. 

Arizona Bound
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Two different parties plan to rob the stage: Buck O’Hara, the driver, and a stranger (Christian J. Frank ). 

Accused of being one of the bandits, he narrowly escapes lynching. Bit in the end, he retrieves the gold, establishes his innocence and wins the girl (Betty Jewell).

Gary Cooper (The Cowboy)
Betty Jewel (The Girl)
Jack Dougherty (Buck O’Hara)
Christian J. Frank (The Stranger)
El Brendel
Charles Crockett
Joe Butterworth
Guy Oliver
Guinn “Big Boy” Williams
Director: John Waters.
Scenarists: John Stone, Paul Gangelon.
Adaptation: Marion Jackson.
Photographer: C. Edgar Schoenbaum.
Titler: Alfred Hustwick.
Based on a story by Richard Allen Gates.

Production company: Famous Players-Lasky

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

Release date: April 9, 1927

Running time: 53 minutes