Arizona (1940): Wesley Ruggles Western Starring Jean Arthur and William Holden


In Wesley Ruggles’s routine Western, simply titled “Arizona,” Jean Arthur plays a courageous settler, determined to make it out there with her husband, played by William Holden, who would become a major star after WWII.
Beginning his career as an actor, Wesley Ruggles (1889-1972) had an uneven career as a director between 1917 and 1946. He is perhaps best known for the Western “Cimarron” (1930), which won the Oscar, and the Mae West vehicle “I’m No Angel” (1933)
Oscar Nominations: 2
Interior Decoration (b/w): Lionel Banks, Robert Peterson
Original Score: Victor Young
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Art Direction Oscar was “Pride & Prejudice.” Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith, and Ned Washington received the Scoring Oscar for Disney’s “Pinocchio.”