Another 48 Hours: Another Teaming of Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte

Another 48 Hrs. is nominally a sequel, but the comedy actually unfolds as more of a parody of the first (and superior) 48 Hrs.

Nick Nolte, repeating his role, as Jack Cates, which enables him to comment on the absurdity of the plot. Jack risks his life and career as he obsessively tries to bring an elusive master criminal known as “The Iceman” to justice.

Eddie Murphy, who stole the show in the first 48 Hrs. is Reggie Hammond, the wheeler-dealer convict who becomes Nolte’s reluctant partner, is a man with a contract on his life.

The adversarial relationship between Reggie and Jack is sustained with some new and absurd plot devices.  Reggie not only joins the effort, he also saves Nolte from being thrown off the force.

Though not as funny or successful as the first film, Another 48 Hrs. was popular enough to cement Eddie Murphy’s status as a major Hollywood star.



Running time: 93 minutes.

Directed by Walter Hill

Released: June 8, 1990

DVD: February 16, 1999