Angel (El Angel) 2018: Luis Ortega’s Vibrant Chronicle of Argentina’s Notorious Killer

Luis Ortega’s chronicle of Argentine killer Carlitos Robledo Puch, El Angel, is well cast with newcomer Lorenzo Ferro in the lead, a youngster who is both seductively handsome and dangerously ugly, depending on the angle from which he is shot, and the particular aspect of the story he is in.

Ortega must have watched early films by Scorsese and Almodoavar for his film contains visual motifs in the oeuvre of both directors, manifest in a dynamically vibrant, fast-paced narrative about the cold-blooded youth.

The subject’s notoriety, Ortega’s bravura storytelling and Ferro’s striking performance offer good reasons to see this film, which bears thematic resemblance to other crime features from the region, such as The Clan and Neruda.