Amphetamine: Gay Drama from Taiwan (LGBTQ–Gay)

June 30, 2010 – Following its world premiere in Berlin’s Panorama section, a closing-night screening at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Scud’s gay drama Amphetamine is slated for an August 13 release in Taiwan.

Distributor Zeus Film will release the film nationwide with a minimum of 12 copies. The Taiwanese censorship body has cleared the film for public screenings with no cuts required.

“This is a good demonstration of Taiwan’s openness versus Hong Kong’s tendency towards conservatism,” comments Scud, who self-released his previous feature PERMANENT RESIDENCE in Taiwan. “While Taiwan is more open in dealing with homosexuality than Hong Kong, the graphic depiction of such a long-time taboo in my films is actually still new to them.”

The Hong Kong TV and Licensing Authority demanded five cuts in an explicit male rape scene for AMPHETAMINE’s local theatrical release on April 8. The controversy sparked a debate in Chinese newspapers.