Amanda Knox: Netflix Documentary

With Amanda Knox, directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn have made a moving, compelling, and timely documentary for Netflix, which touches on many relevant issues.

This revelatory documentary presents the facts behind a notorious murder case, as well as providing a chilling indictment of the widespread proliferation of tabloid style journalism in the mainstream media and online.

Twice convicted and twice acquitted by Italian courts in the brutal killing of her roommate Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox became the subject of global speculation as non-stop media attention fed the public’s fascination through every twist and turn of the decade-long case.

This well researched feature docu deconstructs lurid headlines and often bizarre motivations, which have managed to obscure the basic facts of the case and, in the process, also inflicted severe psychic and emotional damage on the accused and the victim’s family.

Over a period of several years, directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn (IDA Award-winner Chef’s Table) and producer Mette Heide (Peabody Award-winner India’s Daughter) carefully pieced together a riveting narrative by knocking on doors, digging deep into trial archives and accessing previously unseen television footage. The heart of the beautifully photographed film consists of a series of exclusive interviews with the accused, Amanda Knox, her former co-defendant and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini and Daily Mail reporter Nick Pisa, all of whom get to tell their stories for the first time, directly and without embellishment.

A powerful indictment of the media’s insatiable hunger for eyeballs and ratings, Amanda Knox also implicates the viewers.  What role do we play in the perpetuation and the creation of “front page”–ready stories that traffic in sensationalism and baseless conspiracy theories at the cost of the participants’ and our own humanity?