All You Need Is Love (2014): Docu about Children’s Lives in Mae Sot, Thailand

Narrated by Sigourney Weaver, All You Need Is Love is a documentary about the lives and dreams of the children of Good Morning School in the district of Mae Sot, Thailand.

Mae Sot is one of the many towns along the Thai-Burma border where hundreds of thousands of Burmese nationals have chosen to live as a result of the repressive actions taken by Burma’s military junta. They fled from Burma and escaped to Mae So, hoping to be able to sustain their families and become free from the fear of getting shot and arrested.

However, the vast majority of Burmese in the town exist as people without nationality, rights, or any future. This is the harsh reality that the Burmese children in Mae Sot must face on a daily basis.

The documentary highlights their plight, as well as the positive way that these children go about their lives under unbearable circumstances.