All That Money Can Buy (1941): William Dieterle’s Oscar-Winning Film, Starring Walter Huston

In William Dieterle’s film, All That Money Can Buy, based on Stephen Vincent Benet’s story, Walter Huston plays Mr. Scratch, the devil, who seduces an innocent farmer (played by Edward Arnold) into selling his soul.
The original title of the film, which was a commercial flop, was “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” The film was also released under the titles of “Daniel and the Devil” and “Here Is a Man.”
The supporting cast includes James Craig, Anne Shirley, Jane Darwell, Gene Lockhart, Simone Simon, John Qualen, and H.B. Warner.
Oscar Nominations: 2
Actor: Walter Huston
Scoring of a Dramatic Picture: Bernard Herrmann
Oscar Awards: 1
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Best Actor Oscar was Gary Cooper for “Sergeant York,” directed by Howard Hawks.