Against All Odds (1984): Taylor Hackford’s Neo-Noir Starring Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward

Columbia (New Horizon)

Taylor Hackford’s well-executed film noir in color, starring James Woods, Jeff Bridges, and Rachel Ward, is a loose remake of the 1947 classic “Out of the Past” with Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, and Jane Greer (who plays Rachel Ward’s mother in this version).

Coming right after Hackford’s 1982 smash hit, “An Officer and a Gentleman,” the film received mixed critical reviews and was a flop at the box-office.

Even though the film is uneven, some sequences are impressively directed, and at least two are gighly erotic due to the chemistry and the steam generated by the two stars.

See our review of the 1947 “Out of the Past.”


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Oscar Nominations: 1

Song: “Against All Odds” (“Take a Look at Me Now”), music and lyrics, Phil Collins

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The Oscar winner of Best Song was Stevie Wonder, for “I Just Called to Say I Love You” from the movie “The Lady in Red.”