Adrift (2018): Kormákur’s Romantic Survival Thriller, Starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin

Produced and directed by Baltasar Kormákur and written by David Branson Smith, Aaron Kandell and Jordan Kandell, Adrift is a romantic survival thriller, based on a true story.

Set in 1983, the film stars Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin as a couple who are stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after a hurricane, and must find their way to Hawaii in a damaged boat, lacking even radio.

Adrift was released on June 1, 2018 by STXfilms and received mixed reviews from critics due to its familiar and conventional text.

Initially, the male lead role was intended for Miles Teller.


Directed byBaltasar Kormákur
Produced by Baltasar Kormákur, Aaron Kandell, Jordan Kandell, Shailene Woodley
Screenplay by Aaron Kandell, Jordan Kandell, David Branson Smith, based on
Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea by Tami Oldham Ashcraft and Susea McGearhart
Music by Volker Bertelmann

Cinematography: Robert Richardson

Edited byJohn Gilbert

Running time: 96 Minutes

Budget: 35 million

Box-office: 60 million