Abandoned, Neglected, Misunderstood: Films–G, H, I

We are launching a new, regular column, titled Abandoned, Neglected, Misunderstood, a group of films that for whatever reasons have never found the appreciative audiences they deserve.

Some of these films had not received proper attention by their studios or distributors, others were released at the “wrong time,” others were misperceived or undeservedly panned by film critics, and still others enjoyed strong critical support but did not get the viewers’ support and thus died at the box-office.

We invite all of our readers to contribute to our ever-growing list of gems



Go Tell the Spartans

Good Mother, The


Hair (Milos Forman, 1979)

Hamburger Hill

Handle With Care (aka Citizens Band)

Heart Like a Wheel (1984)

Henry: Serial Killer

High Hopes (Mike Leigh, 1989)

Hearts of the West

High Tide



I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing