Aaron Loves Angela (1975): Modest Film Featuring Irene (Fame) Cara in her Debut

Irene Cara, who became famous after the movie musical Fame, made her debut in this modest, grim feature, Aaron Loves Angela, directed by Gordon Parks.

In this updated version of Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet, Cara plays Angela, a Puerto Rican girl who falls in love with Aaron, a black ghetto youth (Kevin Hooks). As their relationship is not approved by their parents, they both rebel against social prejudices, only to realize that their friends and neighbors also share those prejudices.

Also in the film, which is penned by Gerald Sanford, is Jose Pliciano, who composed the soundtrack and performed some of the songs.

Running time: 99 Minutes.
Directed by Gordon Parks


Moses Gunn as Ike
Kevin Hooks as Aaron
Irene Cara as Angela
Robert Hooks as Beau
Ernestine Jackson as Cleo
Leon Pinkney as Willie
Wanda Velez as Carmen
Lou Quinones as Mike
Charles McGregor as Duke
José Feliciano (cameo appearance)
Walt Frazier (cameo appearance)
Andre La Corbiere as Ricardo
Norman Evans as Security Cop
Alex Stevens as Gino
William Graeff Jr. as Tony