Yank on the Burma Road, A (1941): Saitz’s Movie, Starring Barry Nelson

MGM’s “A Yank on the Burma Road” benefited from the timeliness of its release: It opened in New York City seven weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 

A story about truck convoys, which reach their destination despite obstacles, the George B. Saitz directed movie centers on the experiences of a stalwart American (Barry Nelson) whose main interests are money and publicity. 

A former New York cab driver, initially, he takes a truck-driving job for the money.  However, after meeting Laraine Day, he gets some education and propaganda to the point where he becomes a selfless hero, leading trucks and Chinese guerrillas for an attack on the Japanese.



Produced by Samuel Marx.

Directed by George B. Saitz.

Screenplay by George Kahn, Hugo Butler and David Lang.

Release date: January 28, 1942