A Girl, a Guy and a Gob is (1941): Comedy, Starring George Murphy, Lucille Ball, and Edmond O’Brien

Produced by Harold Lloyd and starring George Murphy, Lucille Ball, and Edmond O’Brien, A Girl, a Guy and a Gob is a mildly funny comedy, released during World War II.

When Stephen Herrick, a mild-mannered shipping magnate, loses his opera tickets, Mrs. Grange, the aggressive mother of his fiancée Cecilia, insists upon being seated in the Herrick box anyway.

Upon finding the Duncan family ensconced in their box, Mrs. Grange incites an argument that culminates with Dot Duncan hitting Stephen with her handbag. After the Herrick party surrenders their seats to the Duncans, Dot realizes that her brother Pigeon found Stephen’s lost tickets, and the embarrassed Duncans flee the theater.

The next day, at the offices of Herrick and Martin, Stephen is introduced to his new secretary, Dot Duncan. Recognizing Dot as his assailant from the previous evening, he dismisses her, but after she explains the confusion over the tickets, Stephen relents.

When Dot bursts into tears as Stephen approaches to kiss her good luck, Coffee Cup realizes that his friends were right and sends Stephen to speak to Dot. Coffee Cup then flees the chapel on his motorcycle, with Stephen pursuing him by cab. After Stephen’s cab runs Coffee Cup’s cycle off the road and into a petshop, the two men fight over who should marry Dot. The cab then speeds back to the chapel, where Coffee Cup deposits the unconscious Stephen along with a note to Dot explaining that he is re-enlisting in the Navy and Stephen is in love with her.

George Murphy as Claudius J. ‘Coffee Cup’ Cup
Lucille Ball as Dorothy ‘Dot’ / ‘Spindle’ Duncan
Edmond O’Brien as Stephen Herrick
Henry Travers as Abel Martin
Franklin Pangborn as Pet Shop Owner
George Cleveland as Pokey ‘Pop’ Duncan
Kathleen Howard as Jawme Duncan
Marguerite Chapman as Cecilia Grange


TCM showed the movie on July 15, 2020.