52 Tuesdays (2014): Sophie Hyde’s Aussie Sundance Hit (LGBTQ Trans)

Kino Lorber has acquired U.S. rights to Sophie Hyde’s 52 Tuesdays, which won a directing prize at Sundance Film Fest, in the World Cinema Competition.

The story follows a 16-year-old girl, whose path to independence is accelerated when her mother reveals plans to gender transition and limits their time together to one afternoon a week.

In suburban Australia, Billie lives with her lesbian mother Jane, who is divorced from her father Tom, and with Jane’s younger brother (Billie’s uncle) Harry.

One day Jane reveals plans to undergo gender transition, now calling himself James. James wants Billie to live with Tom for a year, restricting Billy’s time with James to Tuesdays from 16:00–22:00, starting on August 23.

The film is divided into 52 segments, each covering one Tuesday, with the date indicated by a title card.

Each Tuesday, after visiting James, Billie has secret encounters with two older students, Josh and Jasmine; occasionally she films sexual experiments of the threesome.

Setback occurs, when James has to stop testosterone injections because of a rare condition of his body not tolerating it.

After sending a nude photograph of herself to Jasmine, Billie gets into trouble as this is considered child pornography. The school principal, James, Tom and Jasmine strongly disapprove of it. Billie is shocked that James destroys one of her tapes, and refuses contact with him. Josh does not want physical contact with Billie anymore because of Tom’s disapproval.

At the end of the year, Billie reconciles with James, and starts living with him again.