360: Fernando (City of God) Mereilles Globe-Trotting Film

The feature 360 is directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God), based on an original screenplay from the acclaimed writer Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/ Nixon).

Meirelles’ 2005 The Constant Gardener, for which Rachel Weisz later won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar), opened the London Film Fest.  The follow up, Blindness, which opened the 2008 Cannes Film Fest, was a disappointing literary adaptation of the famous novel of the same name.

Meant to be a vivid and stylish kaleidoscope of interconnected love and relationships that link characters from different cities and countries, 360 is nonetheless a disappointing film for a director of Mereilles’ talent.

Starting in Vienna, the film weaves through Paris, London, Bratislava, Rio, Denver and Phoenix into a single narrative that’s necessarily episodic and only intermittently involving.

A simple decision made by one man – to remain faithful to his wife – leads to a series of unanticipated consequences.

The multi-layered tale goes from uplifting, beautiful and romantic moments to desperate, confused and conflicted interludes.

All the protagonists in 360 have their own vivid, entertaining, funny, tragic narratives that entwine across the globe.