Children of Divorce (1927): Silent Classic, Starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper, Restored

Flicker Alley, in partnership with the Blackhawk Films Collection, is proud to present Children of Divorce, starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper.

The film begins in an American “divorce colony” in Paris after the First World War, where parents would leave their children for months at a time.  Jean, Kitty, and Ted meet there as children and become fast friends.

Years later, in America, when wealthy Ted (Gary Cooper) reconnects with Jean (Esther Ralston), the two fall deeply in love, vowing to fulfill a childhood promise to one day marry each other. But true love and innocent plans are no match for the scheming Kitty, played by the original Hollywood “It” girl, Clara Bow, who targets Ted for his fortune.

After a night of drunken revelry, Ted wakes to learn he has unwittingly married Kitty. This unfortunate turn of events, however, brings back the traumatized pasts of the three players, whose views of marriage have been shaped as children of divorce.

Sourced from the original nitrate negative held by the Library of Congress, as well as their 1969 fine grain master, this restoration of Children of Divorce was scanned in 4K resolution, and represents over 200 hours of laboratory work by the Library of Congress in order to create the best version possible.

This MOD edition features a score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, and was made possible thanks to the Blackhawk Films Collection, Paramount Pictures, and the Library of Congress.

Bonus Materials:
  • “Clara Bow: Discovering the ‘It’ Girl” (1999):

  • Narrated by Courtney Love, co-produced and edited by Hugh Munro Neely and Elaina Friedrichsen, this one-hour film documents the life of the woman who would become the icon of the flapper era, from her tragic childhood to her tumultuous personal life as Hollywood’s first sex symbol.

  • Image Gallery:
  • Slideshow presentation featuring rare and strikingly preserved production and promotional images from Children of Divorce.


Deluxe Blu-ray M.O.D.
Directed by Frank Lloyd and Josef von Sternberg (uncredited)

RT: 71 minutes

Produced by Jesse L. Lasky, E. Lloyd Sheldon, and Adolph Zukor