Two Girls on Broadway (1940): MGM’s Musical Remake of The Broadway Melody, Starring Joan Blondell and Lana Turner

Directed by S. Sylvan Simon, Two Girls on Broadway is a remake of MGM’s 1929 musical, The Broadway Melody, this time around starring rising star Lan Turner and vet Joan Blondell in her first MGM role.

Blondell plays Molly Mahoney, a dynamic girl who forms a vaudeville act with her fiancé Eddie Kerns (George Murphy). Working at a dance school, she aims to perform on Broadway and goes to the Big City.

In New York City, Eddie debuts on the radio with his singing canaries. (who can’t sing), and he is offered a job at the station. He then convinces co-worker Buddy Bartell (Richard Lanez) to grant an audition to Molly and her younger sister Patricia, nicknamed ‘Pat’ (Lana Turner).

But tensions rise between the sisters, when Bartell wants to team Eddie and Pat, while Molly is offered a job selling cigarettes. Molly swallows her pride and allows Pat to take the limelight.

The wealthy, often-married playboy ‘Chat’ Chatsworth (Kent Taylor) begins dating Pat, and worried sister Molly tries to warn Pat who’s actually attracted to Eddie.

Pat accepts a proposal from Chat and elopes with him. When Eddie finds out, he is alarmed, as he had been in love with Pat. Overhearing Chat’s servants of Pat and Chat’s whereabouts, Eddie rushes to City Hall, breaking up a wedding ceremony that has already begun.

With Molly’s blessing, Pat and Eddie decide to marry, and Molly returns home.

End Note:

I am grateful to TCM, which showed this musical on December 28, 2018.