Homecoming: Sam Esmail’s Amazon Series, Starring Oscar Winner Julia (Erin Brocovich) Roberts

Julia Roberts talked to the Television Critics Association’s press members while promoting Amazon’s new TV series, Homecoming.

Julia Roberts in Amazon’s Homecoming.

The series, picked up for two seasons following a multiple-network bidding war, marks the star’s TV series regular debut.

She apears in the psychological thriller from Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot) based on the podcast of the same name as a caseworker at a secret government facility.

Asked what attracted her to the small screen after lead roles in hits such as Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s Eleven and August: Osage County, Roberts said: “there isn’t a distinction anymore between the two mediums.”

“I didn’t think small-screen vs big screen.  My TV is very big!” Roberts said to a round of laughter from the 200 members of the press corps. “With Sam, we were so excited to collaborate on this and see what we could do with it and what you can do with more time to shoot and more time to unravel things for people. It seemed like a great opportunity.”

“Everything is good; the bar is so high,” Roberts noted of the quality of scripts that have drawn multiple A-list stars to TV. “For me, it’s nice to bring something into people’s homes. We’re like a delivery service, delivering entertainment right to your doorstep.”

Roberts was impressed by Esmail and the script for Homecoming, from co-writers Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg and enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the medium in the process.

“What Eli and Micah have written is a great, old-fashioned yarn set in this really modern conundrum of a morality play and you put that in Sam’s stylish and capable hands and that felt like a safe place to be,” she said of the series.

She reunites with frequent collaborator Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) and stars opposite Bobby Cannavale and Stephan James.

“It was a great mental challenge every day,” she said. “This wasn’t that different from film. By virtue of the way we shot it and having Sam helm all the episodes. We were all together in a way you would be on a movie.”

Homecoming debuts November 2 on Amazon.