Smurfs: The Lost Village–Third, Weak Chapter in Sony Animated Franchise

Sony’s opening of the animated family film Smurfs: The Lost Village is heading for third with about $14.5 million at 3,610 locations.

The film received an A+ CinemaScore from the under 18 demographic and A overall, giving hope that the blue creatures will show holding power during final weeks of spring break.

Smurfs: The Lost Village is Sony’s third film in the franchise about blue humanoids living in mushroom-shaped houses.

The studio’s live action-CGI The Smurfs grossed $563.7 million globally in 2011.

It was followed by 2013’s The Smurfs 2, which made $347.5 million worldwide on a $105 million budget.

The third chapter, The Lost Village was shot entirely CGI and carries a $60 million budget.