Von Trier, Lars: Director-Provocateur

Born in 1956, Lars von Trier is the co-founder of the Danish production company Zentropa as well as one of the founders of the Danish Dogma movement in the 1990s.

Lars von Trier’s films have won prizes worldwide. These include many of the major awards at Cannes Film Festival; The Palme d’Or for Dancer in the Dark, the Grand Prix du Jury for Breaking the Waves, the Best Actress award for Charlotte Gainsbourg’s performance in Antichrist, as well as the Best Actress award for Kirsten Dunst’s performance in Melancholia.


Director’s filmography

2014: Nymphomaniac

2011  Melancholia

2009  Antichrist

2007  Occupations (short subject)

2006  The Boss of It All

2005  Manderlay

2003  Dogville

2003  The Five Obstructions

2001  D-Day

2000  Dancer in the Dark

1998  The Idiots

1997  The Kingdom II

1996  Breaking the Waves

1994  The Kingdom

1994  The Teacher’s Room

1991  Europa

1988  Medea

1987  Epidemic

1984  The Element of Crime

1982  Images of Relief

1981  The Last Detail

1980  Nocturne

1979  Menthe – la Bienheureuse

1977  The Orchid Gardener