Strause, Greg and Colin: Directors

The Struses brothers, Greg and Colin, make their feature film debut with “Aliens Vs. Predator 2” (“AVP2”) Since 1996, they have run their own visual effects company, Hydraulx, creating groundbreaking work on over forty films including 300, X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, Poseidon, Mission: Impossible III, and The Day After Tomorrow, the latter bringing a BAFTA award for best achievement.

Greg and Colin were influenced by the mix of action spectacle and heartfelt story in films like Aliens, The Abyss and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Their work aims for both the visceral and emotional, adding layers and relevance to each piece.

They began their careers working on The X-Files in 1995, creating the visual effects for the landmark series. They moved to feature films shortly thereafter, on The Nutty Professor and Volcano. In 1996, they worked with director James Cameron on his blockbuster Titanic.

The Brothers Strause began directing music videos in 2000, bursting onto the scene with productions heavy on special effects. Initially, their style was clean and slick, showing polish and professionalism. Their videos were the epitome of the new digital age aesthetic, helping launch the careers of Linkin Park and Nickelback. In 2002, they directed Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kelly Hu for the Godsmacks music video, I Stand Alone, featured on The Scorpion King soundtrack.

Their videos for Staind, Taproot, and A Perfect Circle took their visual style into a grittier realm. Their use of effects became more about what served the piece best and not what simply looked cool.

In 2001, Greg and Colin made their commercial directorial debut with a stunning campaign for Toyota. Their spots for Universal Studios, Playstations God of War, Coca-Cola, and Ford gained attention for their dark tone and cinematic quality. Their United States Marine Corps campaign was a visual metaphor comparing the process a rock undergoes in becoming a diamond to the formative journey a recruit undergoes in becoming a polished marine. Along with their two short films, Mute and 16mm Mystery, the Brothers Strause created atmosphere with a unique style.

With AVP2, their goal is to return the franchise to its origins and ground the film in a compelling human drama. Colin and Greg plan on reminding everyone just how scary these monsters can be when they lurk in the shadows, threatening human characters that we actually care about.