Stewart, Jimmy: Westerns

Born in 1908, Jimmy Stewart was a major star for four decades, during which he worked in every possible genre, including westerns.

His tall, lanky figure, and strong physical presence, combined with soft-spoken personality (and voice), were exploited in this genre.

In most of his westerns, his image reflected integrity (both quiet and inner) and stubbornness, especially in his films with director Anthony Mann, in which he deviated from his established image and played individualistic men, pursuing some personal goals for revenge.

Apart from playing a small part in the musical western Rose Marie, which was essentially a Jeanette MacDonald-Eddie Nelson vehicle, and the deceptively peaceful deputy in the 1939 comedy Western Destry Rides Again (opposite Marlene Dietrich, Stewart largely turned to Westerns rather late in his career, in the 1950s, though he never neglected them since.

Stewart appeared in no less than 18 westerns:

Rose Marie

Destry Rides Again

Winchester ’73

Broken Arrow

Bend of the River

Naked Spur, The

Far Country, The

Man from Laramie, The

Night Passage

Two Rode Together

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The

How the West Was Won

Cheyenne Autumn, The


Rare Breed, The



Cheyenne Social Clun, The