Riklis, Eran: Israel’s Most Accomplished Filmmaker?

Eran Riklis is Israel’s most acclaimed and accomplished filmmaker, having directed, written, and produced over a dozen interesting features over the past three decades.

 Zaytoun (2012) won the Runner Up People’s Choice Award. Starring Stephen Dorff, the film is a UK-Israel-France co-production and was produced by Academy Award winner Gareth Ellis-Unwin (The King’s Speech). Also shown at the Rio, London, AFI and many other festivals.

Playoff (2011), an Israeli-German-French co-production, shot on location in Germany, based on the life of basketball coach Ralph Klein, starring Danny Huston. In competition at the 2011 Montreal Film Festival it won the Best Actor Award for Danny Huston.

The Human Resources Manager (2010), an Israel-France-Germany-Romania co-production, was shot in Jerusalem and Romania, won 5 Israeli Academy Awards (including Best Picture and Best Director and was Israel’s nominee to the American Academy Awards) and the Audience Award in Locarno.

Riklis enjoyed wide international success with Lemon Tree (2008), winner of the Audience Award at the Berlin and San Sebastian film festivals and released worldwide.

The Syrian Bride (2004) won 18 international awards, including Best Film in Montreal and the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival. Co-produced with France and Germany.

Previous films include:

Temptation (2002), based on an Israeli best-seller by Ram Oren)

Vulcan Junction (2000), a nostalgic rock & roll film set in 1973 a few days before the Yom Kippur War)

Zohar (1993) the biggest Israeli box office success of the 90’s.The tragic story of the iconic singer Zohar Argov)

Cup Final (1992, presented in Venice and Berlin and numerous other festivals worldwide.

On a day you can see Damascus (1984, a political thriller shot upon graduating from the National Film School in England.)

Riklis the Producer

Riklis produced the films Three Mothers (2006) Burning Muki (2008) and the 26 episode TV series Room Service (2008-9), also created by Riklis. He created and directed the TV series The Truck (2005, 13 episodes) and numerous major TV series and drama such as Cause of Death: Murder, Me and my Family, Lucky, Lethal Money and more. Riklis also directed well over 300 commercials and various promotional films in Israel and the UK.

Riklis is a graduate of the NATIONAL FILM SCHOOL in BEACONSFIELD, England (1982) and also studied at the film department of the Tel Aviv University (1975-77). Married to Dina Zvi-Riklis (film director) and father of Tammy a journalist, and Yonatan, a jazz musician who composed the score of A BORROWED IDENTITY.