Peck, Raoul: Director Profile (Lumumba, I Am Not Your Negro)

Raoul Peck is the director-producer-writer of the highly acclaimed docu, I Am Not Your Negro, which was voted Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film by the L.A. Film Critics Association (of which I am a member).

Raoul Peck’s body of work includes feature narrative films like The Man by the Shore (Competition Cannes 1993), Lumumba (Director’s Fortnight, Cannes 2000, bought and aired by HBO), Sometimes in April (HBO, Berlinale 2005), Moloch Tropical (Toronto 2009, Berlin 2010) and Murder in Pacot (Toronto 2014, Berlin 2015).

Peck’s documentaries include Lumumba, Death of a Prophet (1990), Desounen (1994, BBC) and Fatal Assistance (Berlinale,Hot Docs 2013) which was supported by the Sundance Institute and Britdoc Foundation (UK) and broadcast on major TV channels (Canal+, ARTE, etc.)

He has served as jury member at the 2012 Cannes Film Fest and at the Berlinale.

He is presently chair of the board of the National French film school La Fémis, and has been the subject of numerous retrospectives worldwide. In 2001, the Human Rights Watch Organization awarded him with the Irene Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award.   He recently completed shooting his latest feature film, The Young Karl Marx, a European coproduction, shot in Germany and Belgium (produced by Velvet Film, in coproduction with Agat Films).


Feature Films

1988 – Haitian Corner Locarno, Forum – Berlin

1993 – The Man by the Shore Official Competition Cannes Film Festival

2000 – Lumumba Director’s Fortnight, Cannes

2005 – Sometimes in April (HBO) Official Competition Berlin 2009 – Moloch Tropical (ARTE) Toronto, Dubai, Berlin, Tribeca

2014 – Murder in Pacot Toronto, Berlin

2017 – The Young Karl Marx (Canal+, France Télévisions, SWR, RTBF) Script by Pascal Bonitzer and Raoul Peck. Velvet Film, Agat Films (France), RohFilm (Gerrmany), Artémis Productions (Belgium)


1991 – Lumumba – Death of a Prophet Award for Best Documentary, Festival de Fribourg, New York Film Festival, Cinéma du Réel

1994 – Desounen, Dialogue with Death (BBC, ARTE)

1994 – Haiti, Silence of the Dogs (ARTE)

2001 – Profit and nothing but! (ARTE, RTBF)  2013 – Fatal Assistance (ARTE, Canal+ Overseas, RTBF, RTS, Sundance Documentary Film program, Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation) Berlin, San Francisco, Hot Docs

2016 – I Am Not Your Negro (ARTE, Independent Lens, RTS, RTBF) TIFF

TV Drama

1997 – It’s all about love Festival de Montréal

2006 – L’Affaire Villemin (6×60’, ARTE, France 3) Price of the Union of French Critics

2008 – L’école du Pouvoir (4×60’, CANAL+, ARTE) Festival Européen des 4 Ecrans