McNaughton, John: Career of Indie Director (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer)

John McNaughton (born January 13, 1950) studied fine arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in TV production.

His first film, made in 1986 but released in 1989. was the controversial feature Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, which he directed, co-wrote, and co-produced.

One of the scariest films I’ve ever seen, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer made Time magazine’s Ten Best List.

It won the best picture kudo at Fantasporto, Sitges Film Fest, and the Brussels Fest of Fantasy Film.

His other works include the films Mad Dog and Glory and Wild Thing, and the documentary Condo Painting.

Most of his work over the past decade has been on TV, directing episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street, John From Cincinnati, Masters of Horror and the pilot episode for Push, Nevada.


Filmography (Incomplete)

Dealers in Death (1984)

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll (1991)

The Borrower (1991)

Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

Girls in Prison (1994) (TV movie)

Homicide: Life on the Street (1994–1996) (TV series)

Normal Life (1996)

Firehouse(1997) (TV movie) (as Alan Smithee)

Wild Things (1998)

Lansky (1999) (TV movie)

Condo Painting (2000)

Speaking of Sex (2001)