Gold: McConaughey’s Physical Transformation

Matthew McConaughey joins a long list of actors who have gained or lost substantial amount of weight for a screen role, a physical transformation that calls for almost military discipline.


McConaughey gained 47 pounds for his latest role of Kenny Wells in the movie Gold.

“I enjoyed getting into Kenny and doing my research and all of a sudden I looked in the mirror and was like, ‘You put on a lot of weight, McConaughey,’” said the star.

A crime-adventure film, inspired by true events, Gold follows Wells and his dream of finding gold in Indonesia.

He pairs up with mythic geologist Michael Acosta, played by Edgar Ramirez, and launch a gold-mining business that leads to more than he bargained for.

Director Stephen Gaghan and Ramirez praised McConaughey’s acting chops skills as well as commitment to the role.
“He’s been turning in some of the best performances in the world right now,” said Gaghan. “So I thought ‘He’s going to bring so much to this — so much precision to the character.’ And he did.”

Matthew McConaughey Gold

Ramirez shared those same opinion: “He transformed himself into a total different person and that’s commitment.”