Pop Culture 2016: To 25 GIFs

President Barack Obama’s illustrated mic drop GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was named the most popular of 2016 by Giphy.

An illustrated version of his gesture at the end of the White House Correspondents Dinner speech has is on top of the 2016 list, which includes Chris Christie reluctantly clapping and Michael Jordan crying.

In at number three on the list is the sloth GIF from Zootopia, which captured a perfect vignette of someone coming to a slow yet amazing realization. The DMV sloth scene was featured in a trailer for the animated film..

Another item on the list is a GIF of DiCaprio’s wincing reaction to Lady Gaga passing by him at the 2016 Golden Globes.

There’s also GIF from “Saturday Night Live” of Kate McKinnon impersonating Hillary Clinton, asking an aid to “meet my hand in the air” as an alternative to a high-five.

The full list of the top 25 GIFs of 2016:

  1. Illustrated Obama Mic Drop
  2. Crying Jordan
  3. Sloth from Zootopia
  4. Unamused Old Lady
  5. Chris Christie
  6. Broad City
  7. Golden Globes
  8. Hello Bear
  9. People vs. OJ Simpson
  10. Deal With it Cat
  11. Hillary Clinton
  12. Minions
  13. Flower scares cat
  14. Sup Seal
  15. Showbiz Pizza Training Video
  16. Slipping Penguin
  17. Mic Drop Captain Obvious
  18. Monkey Love
  19. Rad Dogman
  20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Drinking
  21. Pandas
  22. B—h Better Have My Money
  23. Children’s Hospital – Celebration/Happy Birthday Confetti
  24. 100% Soft Heart Burger
  25. The Simpsons MWAH