Politics 2016: Cher Calls Donald Trump F—ing Idiot

Cher, a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, on Sunday spoke at an event for the Democratic presidential nominee in Provincetown, Mass., about Clinton, Trump and her fears for the coming election.

Cher, who said she believes Clinton is “genuine,” earned cheers for her comment that “this chick is tougher than Chinese algebra.”

“I’m here for multiple reasons, but I’m here one, out of love, and one, out of fear,” she told the audience in a video posted by an attendee. “Because, I’m so frightened for what’s going to happen to this particular community. I know there’s going to be other people, other minorities that are going to be totally screwed as well, but I honestly fear for your safety.”

Cher spoke of Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, which earned boos from the crowd, and his anti-LGBT history. “I fear for you, because I know what they will try to do — they will try to turn back every clock, they will try to take back every one of your rights,” she said, comparing the issue to women who have lost “their rights in such unbelievable ways. I feel like, ‘What happened to the ’70s? We already fought this battle.'”

Moving onto the subject of Trump, Cher said the GOP nominee doesn’t want to be president — “He wants the adulation, he doesn’t give a shit about the work.”

She continued: “Do you remember Fun With Dick and Jane? It’s like a racist Fun With Dick and Jane! He doesn’t mean we want to ‘Make America Great Again.’ He means: We want to make America straight and white. He just says the weirdest shit … .”

Cher also poked fun at Trump’s “LGBT” gaffe during the convention, saying the acronym “like he just learned it!”

She summed up her thoughts on Trump by saying: “I just think he’s a f—ing idiot.”

Cher said she tried to compare Trump to world leaders (Adolf Hitler, Brexit’s Boris Johnson) but she couldn’t come up with the perfect analogy in the political world and turned to movies. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, Patty McCormack in The Bad Seed,‘” she said, referencing the actress’s portrayal of a young murderous girl in the 1956 film, explaining that both Trump and the fictional character are narcissists and don’t care who they hurt.

“I just wish he would fall off the face of the earth,” Cher added, sharing her fears for a Trump-led country if Clinton were to lose the election in November.