Night Of, The: HBO Murder Mystery

The ending of HBO’s murder mystery The Night Of left many hanging threads about key characters.

Actor Paul Sparks, who played the creepy Don Taylor, thinks he has an idea of what happened to the stepdad of the murder victim, Andrea Cornish.

“He got the $10 million, he sold that house, he kept dating women in their mid-to-late 60s,” Sparks told Variety on Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony, where he is nominated as guest actor in drama for Netflix’s House of Cards. “I think that’s his jam. Maybe he opened a gym.”

Sparks praised working on The Night Of with co-star John Turturro and director Steve Zaillian.
He loved the nuances of the character he played — a physical trainer with a habit of marrying older women who had plenty of financial incentive to kill his late wife’s daughter.
Zaillian told Sparks at the start that he was wrong for the role physically, yet the director ultimately decided that he would be “right for who this person is,” Sparks said.

“I love Don Taylor — he was so interesting,” Sparks said. “He’s kind of atrocious but at the same time he understands how he’s perceived. I love his honesty.”

Working with Turturro and Bill Camp was a treat, Sparks added.  He told Turturro how much he’s always loved the 1992 movie Mac, which Turturro starred in and directed.

Sparks has no insight on whether “Night Of” could return in any form. But he could see Taylor and Turturro’s John Stone mending fences to become partners.

Source: Variety