George Michael: 1992 Video with David Bowie

The web was abuzz Monday over video from 1992 that featured George Michael and David Bowie, two music icons who died in 2016.

The footage is behind-the-scenes video from a Freddie Mercury tribute concert.  In it, Michael performs a rousing rendition of the Queen hit “Somebody to Love.”

The cameras not only capture Michael’s powerful vocals and performance ability, but also Bowie admiring him from the sidelines (beginning around the 3:12 mark). Standing next to Bowie with the dreadlocks is the singer Seal.

Bowie — who died in January — also performed at the same concert, singing “Under Pressure” with Annie Lennox.

In the video from their rehearsal, Michael is seen singing along as he watches them duet (beginning at the 2:13 mark).

It’s clear from both videos that Michael and Bowie greatly admired each other.

Along with Bowie and Michael, other notable artists in the music world who passed away include Merle Haggard, Prince, and Leonard Cohen.