Coronavirus Chronicles: Virtual Passover Seder Online–April 2020

In order to raise money for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s emergency response fund, entertainers including Billy Porter, Andy Cohen and Cynthia Erivo are gathering for a virtual passover seder to be streamed online.

Through music and comedy, the event will tell the original story of Exodus.
Ben Platt, Fran Drescher, Billy Eichner, Debra Messing, Jason Alexander, Finn Wolfhard, Dan Levy, Idina Menzel, Josh Groban and Henry Winkler, among many performers, will also be joining the seder. Religious scholars including Rabbis Sharon Brous, David Wolpe and Amichai Lau-Lavie will be involved as well.
The seder premieres on Saturday, exclusively on YouTube, and will be free to watch.
“In a time of confinement and uncertainty, a rag-tag team of Jews and non-Jewish Passover enthusiasts felt it was more important than ever to channel creative energies and gather community,” said head writer Alex Edelman in a statement.
He continued, “we’re thrilled to be reinterpreting the timeless story of liberation and renewal while raising money for those on the front lines enduring — and fighting — an actual plague.”

The Passover Seder begins at 8 p.m. ET on April 11 and can be viewed via Buzzfeed’s Tasty YouTube channel or the website for Saturday Night Seder.