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Last Days of Frankie the Fly, The: Peter Markle’s Derivative Crime Action, Starring Dennis Hopper

Just when you thought that the "Tarantino effect" was over and the sub-genre of dumb lowlife criminals has been exhausted by the indies, along comes Pater Markle's The Last Days of Frankie the Fly, a derivative, often senseless movie set in L.A.'s sleazy underworld of porn and crime.


Easy Rider (1969): Seminal Counter-Culture Film, Starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda

Easy Rider, the seminal 1969 countercultural road movie, announced the arrival of the New American Cinema.

Movie Stars: Hopper, Dennis–Easy Rider Star Dies at 74

Dennis Hopper, whose groundbreaking 1969 picture "Easy Rider" came to define the youth counter-culture during the Vietnam era, died Saturday of prostate cancer.


Easy Rider: Hopper’s Seminal Countercultural Film–Impact, Ambiguities, Contradictions

Easy Rider, the counter-cultural movie, celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. Regardless of your aesthetics and politics, the movie is a must-see generational touchstone.

Almereyda, Michael: Indie Director (Sundance Baby)

His first film as writer-director was a self-financed, black-and-white short featuring Dennis Hopper, A Hero of Our Time, based on Mikhail Lermontov’s novel of the same title.