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September 30, 1955: James Dean’s Day–We Still Love Ya, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Would James Dean be the legendary star and icon that he is today, fifty years after his death, had he made twenty movies and lived longer than 24 years I doubt it. But can you think of another star that has had such influence on our cinema and pop culture with only three movies to his credit

Giant (1956): George Stevens Epic Starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean in his Last Role

Even critics who consider Giant to be too sprawling a saga, more impressive in ambition than execution, agree that the scenes between James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor generate heat, and that the racial element is poignant and ahead of its times.

Reel/Real Impact: Rebel Without a Cause and James Dean

Expertly playing off of teenage angst, ¬ìRebel Without a Cause¬î is a crucial film in the way that it defined modes of expression for that angst. As critic Jim Hoberman has observed, “Teenagers made ¬ìRebel Without a Cause,¬î but ¬ìRebel Without a Cause¬î also defined teenagers.”

Oscar Actors: Dean, James–Background, Career, Awards

After his death in a car crash, Dean became the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, and remains the only actor to have had two posthumous acting nominations.

Movie Stars: Dean, James–Youth Icon

The film critic Peter Rainer has raised a legitimate question in the 1980s, namely: Is it conceivable that a movie star today could have the impact on American youth that James Dean had on kids and adolescents in the 1950s. “A Rebel Without a Cause” (Dean) and “The Wild One” (Brando), which preceded it by […]