Oscar: Women Winners (Best Actresses and Supporting Actresses) by Last Name (Updated)

Research in Progress (April 30, 2021):

93 years of Oscar (including 2021)

The Best Supporting Actress category was established in 1936.

Total number of women winners: 77 (lead) +76 (supporting)=153

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Winners: Best Actress and Supporting Actress (A to Z)


Andrews, Julie, Mary Poppins

Arquette, Patricia, Boyhood

Ashcroft, Peggy, A Passage to India

Astor, Mary, The Great Lie


Bainter, Faye, Jezebel

Bancroft, Anne, The Miracle Worker

Barrymore, Ethel, None But the Lonely Heart

Basinger, Kim, L.A. Confidential

Baxter, Anne, The Razor’s Edge

Bergman, Ingrid (3): Gaslight; Anastasia; Murder on the Orient Express 

Binoche, Juliette, The English Patient

Blanchette, Cate (2): The Aviator; Blue Jasmine

Booth, Shirley, Come Back, Little Sheba

Brady, Alice, In Old Chicag0

Burstyn, Ellen, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


Cher, Moonstruck

Colbert, Claudette, It Happened One Night

Connelly, Jennifer, A Beautiful Mind

Cruz, Penelope, Vicki, Cristina, Barcelona

Darwell, Jane, The Grapes of Wrath

Davis, Bette, Dangerous, 1935; Jezebel, 1938

Davis, Geena, The Accidental Tourist

De Havilland, Olivia (2) To Each His Own, The Heiress

Dench, Judi, Shakespeare in Love

Dennis, Sandy, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Dern, Laura, Marriage Story

Dressler, Marie, Min and Bill

Dukakis, Olympia, Moonstruck

Duke, Patty, The Miracle Worker

Dunaway, Faye, Network;

Field, Sally (2): Norma Rae; Places in the Heart;

Fontaine, Joan, Suspicion

Foster, Jodie (2): The Accused; The Silence of the Lambs

Fricker, Brenda, My Left Foot

Garson, Greer, Mrs. Miniver

Gaynor, Janet (3 films)

Goldberg, Whoopi, Ghost

Gordon, Ruth, Rosemary’s Baby

Grahame, Gloria, The Bad and the Beautiful

Grant, Lee, Shampoo

Harden, Marcia Gay, Pollock

Hathaway, Anne, Les Miserables

Hawn, Goldie, Cactus Flower

Hayes, Helen, The Sin of Madelon Claudet; Airport

Hayward, Susan, I Want to Live!

Heckart, Eileen, Butterflies Are Free

Hepburn, Audrey, Roman Holiday

Hepburn, Katharine (4), Morning Glory, 1933; Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967); The Lion in Winter (1968)

Hiller, Wendy, Separate Tables

Holliday, Judy, Born Yesterday

Holme, Celeste, Gentleman’s Agreement

Hudson, Jennifer, Dreamgirls

Hull, Josephine Hull, Harvey

Hunt, Linda, The Year of Living Dangerously

Hunter, Kim, A Streetcar Named Desire

Huston, Anjelica, Prizzi’s Honor

Janney, Allison, I, Tonya

Jolie, Angelina, Girl, Interrupted

Jones, Jennifer, The Song of Bernadette

Jones, Shirley, Elmer Gantry

Kedrova, Lila, Zorba the Greek

Kidman, Nicole, The Hours

King, Regina, If Beale Street Could Talk

Lange, Jessica (2): Tootsie; Blue Sky

Lawrence, Jennifer, The Silver Linings Handbook;

Leachman, Cloris, The Last Picture Show

Leigh, Vivien (2), Gone With the Wind, A Streetcar Named Desire 

Leo, Melissa, The Fighter

McCambrdige, Mercedes; All the King’s Men

McDaniel, Hattie, Gone With the Wind

McDormand, Frances; Fargo; Three Billboards; Nomadland (3 Best Actress)

Mo’ Nique, Precious

Moreno, Rita, West Side Story

Malone, Dorothy, Written on the Wind

Neal, Patricia Hud

N’Yong, Lupita, 12 Years a Slave

O’Neal, Tatum, Paper Moon

Parsons, Estelle, Bonnie and Clyde

Paquin, Anna, The Piano

Paxinou, Katina, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Pickford, Mary, Coquette

Rainer, Luise (2), Great Ziegfeld, 1936; The Good Earth, 1937

Redgrave, Vanessa, Julia

Reed, Donna, From Here to Eternity

Revere, Anne, National Velvet

Rogers, Ginger, Kitty Foyle

Ruehl, Mercedes, The Fisher King

Rutherford, Margaret, The V.I.P.’s

Saint, Eva Marie, On the Waterfront

Shearer, Norma, The Divorcee

Smith, Maggie (2), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; California Suite;

Sondergaard, Gale, Anthony Adverse

Sorvino, Mira, Mighty Aphrodite

Spencer, Octavia, The Help

Stapleton, Maureen, Reds

Steenburgen, Mary, Melvin and Howard

Straight, Beatrice, Network

Streep, Meryl (3): Kramer Vs. Kramer; Sophie’s Choice; The Iron Lady

Streisand, Barbra, Funny Girl (Tie with Hepburn)

Swinton, Tilda, Michael Clayton

Taylor, Elizabeth (2), BUtterfield 8! Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 

Tomei, Marisa, My Cousin Vinny

Trevor, Claire, Key Largo

Vikander, Alicia, The Danish Girl

Umeki, Miyoshi, Sayonara

Van Fleet, Jo, East of Eden

Weisz, Rachel,  The Constant Gardener

Wiest, Dianne (2): Hannah and Her Sisters; Bullets Over Broadway

Winters, Shelley (2), The Diary of Anne Frank, A Patch of Blue

Wright, Teresa, Mrs. Miniver

Wyman, Jane, Johnny Belinda

Youn Yuh-jung, Minari

Zellweger, Renee (2): Cold Mountain; Judy

Zeta-Jones, Catherine, Chicago;



Best Actress: In 93 years, 77 women have won the Best Actress; some multiple times.

Of the 77 women, 7 have won the Best Actress and the Best Supporting Actress.

Of the 7 actresses, Helen Hayes, Ingrid Bergman, and Maggie Smith, have first won the Best Actress and then Best Supporting Actress.

Of the 76 Supporting Actresses winners, two, Shelley Winters and Diane Wiest, have won two Best Supporting Actress Oscars.