Oscar: Supporting Actors–Age at First Nomination (Winners and Nominees)

The two supporting acting categories were established in 1936.

Many actors have been nominated several times, and some have won multiple times.

In 92 years, 74 men have won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, and 221 have been nominated for one (or more).

Total number of Best Supporting Actors (winners and nominees) is 295

Walter Brennan still holds the record among the men with four Best Supporting Actor Oscars, 1936, 1938, 1940, and 1941.

My study examines the age of the actor when he received his first Supporting Actor nomination.


Walter Brennan, Come and Get It, 42

Auer, Michael, My Man Godfrey, 31

Erwin, Stuart, Pigskin Parade, 33

Rathbone, Basil, Romeo and Juliet, 44

Tamiroff, Akim, The General Died at Dawn, 37


Schildkraut, Joseph, The Story of Emile Zola, 42

Bellamy, Ralph, The Awful Truth, 33

Warner, H.B., Lost Horizon, 62

Young, Roland, Topper, 50


Walter Brennan, Kentucky, 44

Garfield, John, Four Daughters, 25

Lockhart, Gene, Algiers, 47

Marley, John, Marie Antoinette, 31


Mitchell, Thomas, Stagecoach, 47

Aherne, Brian, Juarez, 37

Carey, Harry, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 61

Donlevy, Brian, Beau Geste, 38

Rains, Claude, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 50


Brennan, Walter, The Westerner, 46

Basserman, Albert, Foreign Correspondent, 73

Gargan, William, They Knew What They Wanted, 35

Oakie, Jack, The Great Dictator, 37

Stephenson, James, The Letter, 51



Crisp, Donald, How Green Was My Valley, 59

Gleason, James, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, 59

Greenstreet, Sidney, The Maltese Falcon, 62


Hefflin, Van, Johnny Eager, 32

Bendix, William, Wake Island, 36

Morgan, Frank, Tortilla Flat, 52

Travers, Henry, Mrs. Miniver, 68


Coburn, Charles, The More the Merrier, 66

Bickford, Charles, The Song of Bernadette, 52

Naish, J. Carrol, Sahara, 47


Fitzgerald, Barry, Going My Way, 56

Cronyn, Hume, The Seventh Cross, 33

Webb, Clifton, Laura, 55

Wolley, Monty, Since You Went Away, 56


Dunn, James, Tree Grows in Brooklyn, 44

Chekhov, Michael, Spellbound, 54

Dall, John, The Corn Is Green, 27

Mitchum, Robert, The Story of G.I. Joe, 28


Russell, Harold, The Best years of Our Lives, 32

Demarest, William, The Jolson Story, 54


Gwenn, Edmund, The Miracle on 34th Street, 70

Gomez, Thomas, Ride  the Pink Horse, 42

Ryan, Robert, Crossfire, 38

Widmark, Richard, Kiss of Death, 33



Huston, Walter, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 64

Ferrer, Jose, Joan of Arc, 36

Homolka, Oscar, I Remember Mama, 50


Jagger, Dean, Twelve O’clock High, 46

Ireland, John, All the King’s Men, 35

Kellaway, Cecil, The Luck of the Irish, 57

Kennedy, Arthur, Champion, 35

Richardson, Ralph, The heiress, 47

Whitmore, James, Battleground, 28



Sanders, George, All About Eve, 44

Chandler, Jeff, Broken Arrow, 32

Jaffe, Sam, The Asphalt Jungle, 59

Von Stroheim, J.  Sunset Boulevard, 65


Malden, Karl, A Streetcar Named Desire, 39

Genn, Leo, Quo Vadis? 46

McCarthy, Kevin, Death of a Salesman, 37



Quinn, Anthony, Viva Zapata! 37

Burton, Richard, My Cousin Rachel, 27

Hunnicutt, Arthur, The Big Sky, 42

McLaglen, Victor, The Quiet Man, 66



Sinatra, Frank, From Here to Eternity, 38

Albert, Eddie, Roman Holiday, 47

De Wilde, Brandon, Shane, 11

Strauss, Robert, Stalag 17, 40



O’Brien, Edmond, The Barefoot Contessa, 39

Cobb, Lee J., On the Waterfront, 43

Steiger, Rodd, On the Waterfront, 29

Tully, Tom, The Caine Mutiny, 46



Lemmon, Jack, Mister Roberts, 30

Mantell, Joe, Marty, 40

Mineo, Sal, Rebel Without a Cause, 16

O’Connell, Arthur, Picnic, 47



Quinn, Anthony, Lust for Life, 41

Murray, Don, Bus Stop, 27

Perkins Anthony, Friendly Persuasion, 24

Rooney, Micky, The Bold and the Brave, 36

Stack, Robert, Written on the Wind, 37


Buttons, Red, Sayonara, 39

De Sica, Vittorio, A Farewll to Arms, 56

Hayakawa, S, The Bridge on the River Kwai, 68

Tamblyn, Russ, Peyton Place, 23



Ives, Burl, The Big Country, 49

Bikel, Theodore, The Defiant Ones, 34



Griffith, Hugh, Ben-Hur, 47

Scott, George C., Anatomy of Murder, 32

Vaughn, Robert, The Young Philadelphians, 27

Wynn, Ed, The Diary of Anne Frank, 73



Ustinov, Peter, Spartacus, 39

Falk, Peter, Murder Inc., 33

Kruschen, Jack, The Apartment, 38

Wills, Chill, The Alamo, 57



Chakiris, George, West Side Story, 27

Clift, Montgomery, Judgment at Nuremberg, 41

Gleason, Jackie, The Hustler, 45



Begley, Ed, Sweet Bird of Youth, 61

Buono, Victor, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 24

Savalas, Telly, The Birdman of Alcatraz, 40

Sharif, Omar, Lawrence of Arabia, 30

Stamp, Terence, Billy Budd, 24



Douglas, Melvyn, Hud, 62

Adams, Nick, Twilight of Honor, 32

Darin, Bobby, Captain Newman MD, 27

Huston, John, The Cardinal, 57



Ustinov, Peter, Topkapi, 43

Holloway, Stanley, My Fair Lady, 74

Tracy, Lee, The Best Man, 66



Balsam, Martin, A Thousand Clowns, 46

Bannen, Ian, Flight of the Phoenix, 37

Courtenay, Tom, Dr. Zhivago, 28

Dunn, Michael, Ship of Fools, 31

Finlay, Frank, Othello, 39



Matthau, Walter, The Fortune Cookie, 46

Mako, The Sand Pebbles, 33

Mason, James, Georgy Girl, 57

Segal, George, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 32

Shaw, Robert, A Man for All Seasons,39



Kennedy, George, Cool Hand Luke, 42

Cassavetes, John, The Dirty Dozen, 38

Pollard, Michael, Bonnie and Clyde, 28


Albertson, Jack, The Subject Was Roses, 61

Cassel, Seymour, Faces, 33

Massey, Daniel, Star! 35

Wild, Jack, Oliver! 16

Wilder, Gene, The Producers, 35


Young, Gig, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? 56

Crosse, Rupert, The Reivers, 42

Gould, Elliott, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, 31

Quayle, Anthony, Anne of the Thousand Days, 56



Mills, John, Ryan’s Daughter, 62

Castellano, Richard, Lovers and Other Strangers, 37

Chief Dan George, Little Big Man, 71

Marley, John, Love Story, 63



Johnson, Ben, The Last Picture Show, 53

Bridges, Jeff, The Last Picture Show, 22

Frey, Leonard, Fiddler on the Roof, 33

Jaeckel, Richard, Sometimes a Great Nation, 45

Scheider, Roy, The French Connection, 33



Grey, Joel, Cabaret, 40

Caan, James, The Godfather, 32

Duvall, Robert, The Godfather, 41

Pacino, Al, The Godfather, 32



Houseman, John, The Paper Chase, 71

Gardenia, Vincent, Bang the Drum Slowly, 53

Gilford, Jack, Save the Tiger, 66

Miller, Jason, The Exorcist, 34


Astaire, Fred, The Towering Inferno, 75

De Niro, Robert, The Godfather, Part II, 31

Gazzo, Michael, The Godfather, Part II, 51

Strasberg, Lee, The Godfather, Part II, 73



Burns, George, The Sunshine Boys, 79

Dourif, Brad, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 25

Meredith, Burgess, The Day of the Locust, 68

Sarandon, Chris, Dog Day Afternoon, 33

Warden, Jack, Shampoo, 55



Robards, Jason, All the President’s Men, 54

Beatty, Ned, Network, 39

Olivier, Laurence, Marathon Man, 69

Young, Burt, Rocky, 36



Robards, Jason, Julia, 55

Baryshnikov, Mikhail, The Turning Point, 29

Firth, Peter, Equus, 24

Guinness, Alec, Star Wars, 63

Schell, Maxmillian, Julia, 47



Walken, Christopher, The Deer Hunter, 35

Dern, Bruce, Coming Home, 42

Farnsworth, Richard, Comes a Horseman, 58

Hurt, John, Midnight Express, 38



Douglas, Melvyn, Being there, 62

Forrest, Frederic, The Rose, 43

Henry, Justin, Kramer Vs. Kramer, 8



Hutton, Tim, Ordinary People, 20

Hirsch, Judd, Ordinary People, 45

O’Keefe, Michael, The Great Santini, 25



Gielgud, John, Arthur, 77

Coco, James, Only When I Laugh, 51

Holm, Ian, Chariots of Fire, 50

Rollins, Howard, Ragtime, 31



Gossett, Louis Jr., An Officer and a Gentleman, 46

Dunning, Charles, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, 60

Lithgow, John, The World According to Garp, 37

Preston, Robert, Victor/Victoria, 1982



Nicholson, Jack, A Few Good Men, 46

Durning, Charles, To Be Or Not To Be, 61

Lithgow, John, Terms of Endearment, 38

Shepard, Sam, The Right Stuff, 40



Ngor, Hang S. The Killing Fields, 44

Caesar, Adolphe, A Soldier’s Story, 51

Malkovich, John, Places in the heart, 31

Morita, Pat, Karate Kid, 52



Ameche, Don, Cocoon, 77

Brandauer, Klaus Maria, Out of Africa, 42

Hickey, William, Prizzi’s Honor, 58

Loggia, Robert, Jagged Edge, 55

Roberts, Eric, Runaway Train, 29



Caine, Michael, Hannah and Her Sisters, 53

Berenger, Tom, Platoon, 36

Dafoe, Willem, Platoon, 31

Denholm, Elliott, A Room with a View, 64

Hopper, Dennis, Hoosiers, 50



Connery, Sean, The Untouchables, 57

Brooks, Albert, Broadcast News, 40



Guinness, Alec, Little Dorritt

Phoenix, River, Running on Empty, 18



Aiello, Danny, Do the Right Thing, 56

Aykroyd, Dan, Driving Miss Daisy

Brando, Marlon, A Dry White Season, 63



Pesci, Joe, GoodFellas, 47

Davidson, Longtime Companion, 44

Garcia, Andy, The Godfather, Part III, 34

Greene, Graham, Dances With Wolves, 38



Palance, Jack, City Slickers, 72

Keitel, Harvey, Bugsy, 52

Kingsley, Ben, Bugsy, 48

Lerner, Michael, Barton Fink, 50



Hackman, Gene, Unforgiven, 62 

Davidson, Jaye, The Crying Game, 24

Nicholson, Jack, A Few good Men, 55

Paymer, David, Mr. Saturday Night, 38



Jones, Tommy Lee, The Fugitive, 47

DiCaprio, Leonardo, What’s Eating  Gilbert Grape? 19

Fiennes, Ralph, Schindler’s List, 31

Malkovich, John, in the line of Fire, 40

Postlethwaite, Peter, In the Name of the Father, 47


Landau, Martin, Ed Wood, 66

Jackson, Samuel, Pulp Fiction, 46

Palminteri, Chazz, Bullets Over Broadway, 42

Scofield, Paul, Quiz Show, 72

Sinise, Gary, Forrest Gump, 39



Spacey, Kevin, The Usual Suspects, 36

Cromwell, James, Babe, 55

Harris, Ed, Apollo 13, 45

Pitt, Brad, 12 Monkeys, 32

Roth, Tim, Rob Roy, 34



Gooding, Cuba, Jerry Maguire, 28

Macy, William H. Fargo, 46

Mueller, Stahl, Shine, 66

Norton, Edward, Primal Fear, 27

Woods, James, The Ghosts of Mississippi, 49



Williams, Robin, Good Will Hunting, 46

Forster, Robert, Jackie Brown, 56

Hopkins, Anthony, Amistad, 60

Kinnear, Greg, As Good As It Gets, 36

Reynolds, Burt, Boogie Nights, 61



Coburn, James, Affliction, 70

Harris, Ed, The Truman Show, 48

Rush, Geoffrey, Shakespeare in Love, 47

Thornton, Billy Bob, A Simple Plan, 43



Caine, Michael, The Cider House Rules, 66

Cruise, Tom, Magnolia, 37

Duncan, Michael Clark, 42

Law, Jude, The Talented Mr. Ripley, 27

Osment, Haley Joel, The Sixth Sense, 11



Del Toro, Benicio, Traffic, 33

Dafoe, Willem, Shadow of the Vampire, 45

Finney, Albert, Erin Brockovich, 64

Phoenix, Joaquin, Gladiator, 2000



Broadbent, Jim, Iris, 52

Hawke, Ethan, Training Day, 31

McKellen, Ian, The Lord of the Rings, 62

Voight, Jon, Ali, 63



Cooper, Chris, Adaptation, 51

Harris, Ed, The Hours, 52

Newman, Paul, Road to Perdition, 77

Reilly, John C., Chicago, 37



Robbins, Tim, Mystic River, 45

Baldwin, Alec, The Cooler, 45

Hounsou, Djiman, In America, 33

Watanabe, Ken, The Last Samurai, 44


Freeman, Morgan, Million Dollars Baby, 67

Alda, Alan, The Aviator, 68

Haden, Thomas Church, Sideways, 44

Owen, Clive, Closer, 40



Clooney, George, Syriana, 44

Dillon, Matt, Crash, 41

Foxx, Jamie, Collateral, 37

Hurt, William, A History of Violence, 55



Arkin, Alan, Little Miss Sunshine, 72

Haley, Jackie Earle, Little Children, 45

Hounsou, Djiman, Blood Diamond, 42

Murphy, Eddie, Dreamgirls, 45

Wahlberg, Mark, The Departed, 35



Bardem, Javier, No Country for Old Men, 38

Affleck, Casey, The Assassination of Jesse James, 32

Hoffman, Philip Seymour, Charlie’s War, 40



Ledger, Heath, The Dark Knight, 29



Waltz, Christoph, Inglourious Basterds, 53



Bale, Christian, The Fighter, 36

Rush, Geoffrey, The King’s Speech, 59



Plummer, Christopher, Beginners, 82



Waltz, Christoph, Django Unchained, 56



Leto, Jared, Dallas Buyers Club, 42



Simmons, J.K. Whiplash, 60

Hawk, Ethan, Boyhood, 44

Norton, Edward, Birdman, 45



Rylance, Mark, Bridge of Spies, 55



Mahershala, Ali, Moonlight, 42



Rockwell, Sam, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Dafoe, Willem, The Florida Project, 62



Mahershala, Ali, Green Book

Rockwell, Sam, Vice



Brad Pitt, Once Upon a Time in America



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