Oscar Movies: Unconquered (1947)


With a colorful cast that includes Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard in the leads, and Boris Karloff (as a campy Indian chief) and Cecil B. DeMille's adopted daughter Katerine, the notorious showman tackled Americana in this spectacle epic, which is enjoyable despite (or maybe because) of violating historical accuracy.

Set in the 1760s, DeMille's bloated epic about the shaping of America concerns Abigail Martha Hale (Goddard), a young English girl who's accused unjustly of crime and is sentenced to 14 years of slavery in North America.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Special Effects: Fraciot Edouart, Devereux Jennings, Gordon Jennings, Wallace Kelley, and Paul Lerpae, visual; George Dutton, sound.

Oscar Awards

The Special Effects Oscar went to “Green Street Dolphin.” In 1947, there were only two nominees in this category.