Oscar Movies: Departed, The–Four Oscars

Oscar Awards:

The Departed, Scorsese’s all-star crime gangster, won four Oscars:

Best Picture (Graham King, producer)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Film Editing: Thelma Schoonmaker

Adapted Screenplay: William Monahan

Other Nominations

Supporting Actor: Mark Wahlberg

Oscar Context:

The Best Supporting Actor winner was Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine.

The film marked the first time Scorsese won an Oscar after six previous losses.

Many felt that he deserved it years earlier for prior efforts Raging Bull or GoodFellas), and some regarded it as a Lifetime Achievement Award for a lesser film.

Scorsese himself joked that he won because, “This is the first movie I’ve done with a plot.”

Scorsese’s Oscar Speech

“I just want to say, too, that so many people over the years have been wishing this for me, strangers, you know. I go walking in the street people say something to me, I go in a doctor’s office, I go in a…whatever…elevators, people are saying, “You should win one, you should win one.” I go for an x-ray, “You should win one.” And I’m saying, “Thank you.” And then friends of mine over the years and friends who are here tonight are wishing this for me and my family. I thank you. This is for you.”