Oscar Directors: Zinnemann–Complete List of Nominations and Awards

Born 1907; died 1997

Oscar Nominations: 8


1938: “They're Always Caught” (MGM's Crime Doesn't Pay, two-Reel Short Oscar)

Oscar-Nominated Features: 7

1948: The Search 1952: High Noon (Picture Nomination) 1953: From Here to Eternity 1959: The Nun's Story 1960: The Sundowners 1966: A Man for All Seasons 1977: Julia

Directing Oscars: 2

1953: From Here to Eternity (Best Director and Picture) 1966: A Man for All Seasons (Best Director and Picture)

Acting Oscars: 6

Six players won an acting Oscar for a Zinnemann film:

Gary Cooper (High Noon) Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed (From Here to Eternity) Paul Scofield (A Man for All Seasons) Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards (Julia)

Acting Nominations: 18

Considering the duration of his career, over half a century, his film oeuvre has been rather small: twenty-two features and a number of documentaries. Nonetheless, the number of Oscar-winning performances in Zinnemann's films has been disproportionately large.

Eighteen actors were nominated for their work a Zinnemann film. Some more than once, like Montgomery Clift in The Search, as a sensitive American soldier befriending an orphan in Europe right after the War, and in From Here to Eternity, as yet another sensitive soldier.

Oscar Records

Zinnemann's seven Oscar-nominated features have amassed 55 nominations and 22 Oscars!

Complete List:

The Search: 4 nominations, 1 Oscar, 1 Special Award

High Noon: 7 nominations, 4 Oscars

From Here to Eternity: 13 nominations, 8 Oscars

The Nun's Story: 7 nominations, no Oscars

The Sundowners: 5 nominations, no Oscars

A Man for All Season: 8 nominations, 6 Oscars

Julia: 11 nominations, 3 Oscars

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